Lot & Land Clearing Service

Our land and lot clearing services combine a range of services provided by our team of experts. When commercial or residential land restoration is required, our team will have a wealth of experience, expertise, and equipment to correctly complete the job. Clearing land involves removing trees, shrubs, bushes, plants, and other natural obstacles, which must be removed before the construction process begins. This process includes the following tasks performed by our work:

Not only does the tree need to be removed, but the shallow roots must be removed from the ground to avoid hindering the construction process.

To build new buildings on clean ground, no tree trunks should be left anywhere on the ground.

The landscaping must be demolished to clear the land altogether. This means removing shrubs and bushes of various sizes.

Reasons for land clearing

Clearing the land can remove all possible obstacles such as trees, stumps, bushes, stones, and debris. When cleaning your property, we use high-quality industrial cleaning equipment with qualified operators for all projects. Our customers choose to clear their land for many reasons, including:

  • New building and Construction
  • ATV or horse track
  • Row of fences
  • General cleaning of returning farmland to grassland
  • Riding arena
  • Land reclamation for commercial and retail buildings

There is more to land and lot clearing in addition to cutting down existing trees, bushes, and shrubs. Great emphasis is placed on minimizing damage to the land. This requires a prudent and careful approach to first investigate if the land can be used for development. All the trees and plants must be uprooted carefully. At Duluth Tree Service, our job is to provide builders with a spotless slate.
Our land and lot clearing also include removing dirt. Our team will use a shredder to break up the crumbs, and we will also transport them. No work will be too big or too small because we will clear a small amount of land for homeowners and a large amount of land for commercial project developers.

Lot & Land Clearing Services

Benefits of Clearing Services

The next time you need to remove multiple trees from a large land, there are many reasons to call our land clearing company, even if you do not need to clear all the land. Many clearing services with the right personnel and the right equipment can quickly and safely complete any work size, thus saving you time, money, and tedious work. Whether you need to clear all the land for a new building or build a few roads through an existing property, Duluth Tree Service’s clearing services can do the job well.

Get Professional Lot Clearing

Removing shrubs, trees, or stumps from your house is not just a matter of trimming plants to make them disappear. Professionals will know how to meet your property’s specific needs with minimal damage or impact to your city of Duluth, Georgia. We can crush your tree stumps, remove dead or dying trees, or effectively uproot your plants.

Our attentive and experienced staff will ensure that no deep-rooted roots will be left behind that will make your property construction slow or difficult. We provide our customers with clean conditions to have complete freedom to trust and develop their business in the city of Duluth, Georgia, quickly.

Competitive price: We have been working hard to expand our growing customer base, and we achieve this goal by providing reliable work at reasonable prices. We converge on long-term improvement. Our belief is that if we perform an excellent job of clearing the lot by removing trees and also have the lowest prices in Duluth, we will gain more customer reputation and repeat customers. This is why we always do our due diligence to research our competitors and their fees to ensure that you will not find better prices for lot clearing.


The only efficient way to clear land is with heavy equipment explicitly designed to bring down trees, bundle and move logs, remove stumps, and clear away the organic debris. This includes large equipment similar to a feller-buncher that cuts, gathers, and falls trees, a skidder to move logs, a forestry tiller that can grind roots, and a stumps mulcher that can turn leftover organic matter into mulch.

We provide personalized methods for all land and field clearing services to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. Call us now for a free quote. Duluth Tree Service will have clearing experts to visually inspect your property and help you decide what to do or how to approach the project based on your requirements.

Clearing of the land/lot and loving trees is what we do best, and our price is reasonable.

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